Dead Kennedys - A Skateboard Party

12" released in 1983 on Starving Missile

Added on Thursday, May 15, 2014

Condition: M

Color: Black

Price paid: $20.14

Genre: Rock

Style: Hardcore, Punk

  • A1: Man With The Dog
  • A2: Forward To Death
  • A3: Kepone Factory
  • A4: Life Sentence
  • A5: Trust Your Mechanic
  • A6: Moral Majority
  • A7: Forest Fire
  • A8: Winnebago Warrior
  • A9: Police Jerk
  • A10: Bleed For Me
  • B1: Holiday In Cambodia
  • B2: Let's Lynch The Landlord
  • B3: Chemical Warfare
  • B4: Nazi Punks Fuck Off
  • B5: Bigger Problem Now
  • B6: Too Drunk To Fuck
  • B7: Kill The Poor

Bought in London
Made in Germany
Semi-official bootleg live recording. According to the label owner of Starving Missile of this edition exist 1000 copies.

Recorded in Satelite County 13/09/1982.

Kepone Factory is credited as Keep On Factory on the sleeve and label.

Original first press with yellow labels and tracklist printed on one center label, second press has a [url=]blue cover[/url].

Catalog# on center label: "102"
Catalog# on rear cover: "Starving Missile 102"

Processing studio for lacquer cut can be derived from the "et" etchings in the runout groove

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