Night Birds - Fresh Kills Vol. 1

12" released in 2012 on Grave Mistake

Added on Thursday, July 17, 2014

Condition: M

Color: Black

Price paid: $8.00

Genre: Rock

Style: Surf, Rock & Roll, Punk

  • A1: Killer Waves
  • A2: Midnight Movies
  • A3: No Way Home
  • A4: Bad Biology
  • A5: Triple Feature
  • A6: Prognosis: Negative
  • A7: Thrilling Murder
  • A8: Unanswerable
  • B1: The Gift Givers
  • B2: Harbor Rats
  • B3: Send Me Home
  • B4: Living In The Middle
  • B5: Can't Get Clean
  • B6: Paranoid Times
  • B7: Squad Car

Limited pressing of 200 which includes a poster that has on one side, a collage of Night Birds show flyers and on the other side lyrics and information about the four releases that this record compiles. This release also includes a free album download.

Tracks 1 & 15 originally appear on the "Killer Waves' 7".
Tracks 2 - 5 originally appear on the "Midnight Movies" EP.
Tracks 6 - 10 originally appear on the "S/T" EP.
Tracks 11-14 originally appear on the "2009 Demo".

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