Cannonball Adderley - Soul Zodiac

12" released in 1972 on Capitol

Added on Friday, July 3, 2015

Condition: VG+

Color: Black

Price paid: $3.50

Genre: Jazz, Funk / Soul

Style: Soul-Jazz, Jazz-Funk, Spoken Word

  • A1 Introduction (3:00)
  • A2 Aries (4:52)
  • A3 Libra (3:15)
  • A4 Capricorn (6:10)
  • B1 Aquarius (7:47)
  • B2 Pisces (3:53)
  • B3 Sagittarius (5:15)
  • C1 Gemini (4:35)
  • C2 Leo (2:51)
  • C3 Virgo (4:10)
  • C4 Scorpio (4:23)
  • D1 Cancer (2:45)
  • D2 Taurus (13:52)

From Mike
Liner Notes:

ASTROLOGY, the study of the signs of the Zodiac. How does one rationalize an development with astrological significance? RICK HOLMES, the creator of the narrative indigenous to the artistic creativeness formed in this recording, is a person whose day-to-day behavioral continuity by his own concepts of the influence of the activities of astrological movement. Mr. Holmes, well known in the greater Los Angeles area, is a radio personality who is recognised by various people who have the priviledge of being exposed to "RICK'S FAMILY AFFAIR" aired nightly on radio station KBCA-FM. (One of the most important outlets for Jazz and other musical expression, including sophisticated rhetoric, in Southern California.) Devoted listeners to Rick's program are well aware of his expertise with regards to astrology. This recording marks the first effort to broaden any interested audience or to enhance the awareness with regards to astrology or to enhance the awareness of people to whom the soulful exhortations of Rick have never been available.

Cannonball Adderley

Gatefold sleeve with lyrics to every track.

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