Against Me! - 23 Live Sex Acts

12" released in 2015 on Total Treble

Added on Friday, September 4, 2015

Condition: M

Color: Blue Marble

Price paid: $35.00

Genre: Rock

Style: Punk

  • A2: Pints Of Guinness Make You Strong
  • A3: Cliche Guevara
  • A4: True Trans Soul Rebel
  • B1: I Was A Teenage Anarchist
  • B2: New Wave
  • B3: Walking Is Still Honest
  • B4: Turn Those Clapping Hands Into Angry Balled Fists
  • C1: Transgender Dysphoria Blues
  • C2: Pretty Girls (The Mover)
  • C3: I Still Love You Julie
  • C4: High Pressure Low
  • D1: Don't Lose Touch
  • D2: Miami
  • D3: White Crosses
  • D4: Osama Bin Laden As The Crucified Christ
  • E1: How Low
  • E2: Black Me Out
  • E3: Thrash Unreal
  • E4: Unconditional Love
  • F1: The Ocean
  • F2: Sink, Florida, Sink
  • F3: We Laugh At Danger And Break All The Rules

Limited edition colored vinyl pressing on blue/green splatter. 180g vinyl. Hype sticker on shrink wrap reads "Colored vinyl!? Wow! Great! And it's thick! Hot shit! 180 grams! So big!" Includes download code.
Including special bundles with t-shirts and signed set lists (The Gritty Clit - Feb. 29, 2014 [!])

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