Harry Pussy - One Plus One

12" released in 2012 on Palilalia

Added on Sunday, September 20, 2015

Condition: M

Color: Black

Price paid: $15.00

Genre: Rock

Style: Noise, Avantgarde

  • A1: Forming
  • A2: Like A Paving Stone
  • A3: I Fought The Police
  • A4: One Plus One
  • A5: My Cocaine Is In The Sun
  • A6: A Simple Mind
  • B1: Tight Fit
  • B2: This Is My Voice
  • B3: It's Cold And I Don't Know What Time It Is
  • B4: The Way We Were
  • B5: Domestic Disturbance
  • B6: Nazi U.S.A.
  • C1: Not Bright
  • C2: Improbable People
  • C3: Our Song
  • C4: The Way We Were
  • C5: Not Your Blues
  • C6: I Fought The Police
  • C7: Vigilance
  • C8: An Excuse To Leave
  • D1: Bad Faith
  • D2: On The Couch
  • D3: Like A Paving Stone
  • D4: Scenes From A Marriage

A6, B1, B2, B3, C2, C4, C7, D1, D3 + D4 are Previously released.

Recorded 1992-1993 in Miami.

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