Long Legged Woman - Nobody Knows This Is Nowhere

12" released in 2008 on Pollen Season

Added on Friday, April 8, 2016

Condition: VG+

Color: Black

Price paid: $7.99

Genre: Rock


  • A1 Vinegar (3:31)
  • A2 You Found Out (1:52)
  • A3 Something Is Pressing Against If From The Inside (2:39)
  • A4 Bath House (1:26)
  • A5 Psych Jam (7:43)
  • B1 When I Was Asleep (3:30)
  • B2 Raccoon In A Coon Skin Cap (1:24)
  • B3 The Horse Holds Its Own Reins (1:29)
  • B4 Yours Is Mine (2:30)
  • B5 He Was A Narc But We Loved Him Anyway (1:28)
  • B6 I Have A Scheme (3:29)
  • B7 But Theres Something Going On (4:04)

Bought in Philly
Recorded December 2007.

A release of 500. (Almost) All on brown art board. There have been innumerable editions of the art work. Approximately 150-200 were the "official" black and green screen printed edition. Also many different versions of the tour edition (including retardedest and retarder edition, as well as many unnamed variants) featuring a glued xerox of the four band members. The Thor's Rubber Hammer Payback Edition, featuring the same "tour" artwork but with a custom spray paint poster. The RE-UP'd Edition featuring a replication of the "tour" art, but with the nobody knows title included as part of the xerox and not spray painted on. Approx. 100 or more individually collaged unique record covers were made also. There was also one "Pizza Box" Edition, where the record was housed in a personally decorated Serrano's pizza box. It was leftover from the band members ordering pizza and turned into album art, including the receipt as an insert with one of the band members phone number on it. Many different inserts were included in different versions.

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