Grachan Moncur III & The Jazz Composer's Orchestra - Echoes of Prayer

12" released in 1975 on JCOA

Added on Friday, May 20, 2016

Condition: VG+

Color: Black

Price paid: $35.00

Genre: Jazz

Style: Free Jazz

  • A1: Band 1 (i. Prologue, ii. Reverend King's Wings I, iii. Medgar's Menace I, iv. Drum Transition, v. Garvey's Ghost (Space Station))
  • A2: Band 2 (i. Angela's Angel I, ii. Drum Transition)
  • B1: Band 3 (i. Right On I, ii. Angela's Angel II, iii.Right On II, iv. Reverend King's Wings II, v. Medgar's Menace II, vi. Drum Transition, vii. African Percussion Ensemble)
  • B2: Band 4 (i. Right On III, ii. Angela's Angel III (Jamboree), iii. Drum Transition, iv. Amen Cadence, v. Epilogue: Excuse Me, Mr Justice)

Recorded April 11, 1974 at Blue Rock Studio, New York City

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