Heaters - Baptistina

12" released in 2016 on Beyond Beyond Is Beyond

Added on Tuesday, August 2, 2016

Condition: M

Color: Coke Bottle Clear

Price paid: $11.87

Genre: Rock

Style: Psychedelic Rock

  • A1: Centennial
  • A2: Ara Pacis
  • A3: Orbs
  • A4: Elephant Turner
  • A5: Garden Eater
  • B1: Dali
  • B2: Mango
  • B3: Voyager
  • B4: Turkish Gold
  • B5: Seafoam

Edition of 1000; 450/1000 on coke bottle green vinyl with the rest being black vinyl.
Comes with a poster if ordered as such.
Comes with a download code.

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