Antillectual - Engage

12" released in 2016 on Bird Attack

Added on Saturday, October 22, 2016

Condition: M

Color: Yellow

Price paid: $10.00

Genre: Rock

Style: Punk, Melodic Hardcore

  • A1: Priest Without A Religion
  • A2: Europe, This Is Your Final Countdown
  • A3: I Wrote This Song
  • A4: Racist Rash
  • A5: Change The Standard
  • A6: From Hipster Kids To Hardliners
  • B1: The Players & The Game
  • B2: Follow That Bike!
  • B3: Appetite For Construction
  • B4: One Size Fits All
  • B5: Obsessive Cosmetic Disorder
  • B6: All In The Mix

Limited to 300 worldwide.

Comes in a gatefold-cover with lyrics and credits on the inside plus a download-code.

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