Spitboy - Rasana

7" released in 1995 on Ebullition

Added on Friday, November 4, 2016

Condition: NM

Color: Black

Price paid: $4.99

Genre: Rock

Style: Hardcore, Punk

  • A: Unknown
  • B1: Blue
  • B2: All Grown Up

Scene Support Edition
Recorded at Dancing Dog in Emeryville, CA, 20/21 August 1994.

Limited to 150 hand-numbered copies, comes with a spine wrap that identifies it as part of the project.
Ebullition Records found several SPITBOY 7" in their basement. These are part of the original pressing from 1995.

Scene Support 2016 is a project that coincides with Record Store day. Our goal is to shift the focus and widen the scope to include more D.I.Y. labels that support the scene year round. These releases are special versions that we hope fans will enjoy and stores will be happy to have on their walls. Scene Support is meant to give something special to all the parts of the scene that keep us going: fans, labels, stores, mailorders, and distros. Each piece of our puzzle is important.
Every Scene Support 2016 release is hand-numbered, has a spine wrap that identifies it as part of the project, and includes a special insert with thoughts from labels and stores across the scene.

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