Face To Face - Vinyl Slip Cover Set

Compilation released in 2016 on Fat Wreck Chords

Added on Saturday, December 31, 2016

Condition: M

Color: Various

Price paid: $45.00

Genre: Rock

Style: Punk

  • A1 Resignation
  • A1 Struggle
  • A1 You've Done Nothing
  • A2 Walk The Walk
  • A2 I'm Not Afraid
  • A2 I Know You Well
  • A3 Blind
  • A3 Sensible
  • A3 Disconnected
  • A4 No Authority
  • A4 A-OK
  • A4 Ordinary
  • A5 I Won't Lie Down
  • A5 You Lied
  • A5 I Want
  • A6 Promises
  • A6 You've Got A Problem
  • A6 Can't Change The World
  • A7 Handout
  • A7 Everything Is Everything
  • A7 Big Choice
  • A8 It's Not Over
  • B1 I'm Trying
  • B1 Everything's Your Fault
  • B1 Velocity
  • B2 Pastel
  • B2 Take It Back
  • B2 Debt
  • B3 Late
  • B3 Nothing New
  • B3 Complicated
  • B4 Put You In Your Place
  • B4 Disconnected
  • B5 Bikeage
  • B5 Do You Care?
  • B5 Falling
  • B5 Walk Away
  • B6 I Used To Think
  • B6 1,000 X
  • B6 Paint It Black
  • B7 Please, Please, Please, Let Me Get What I Want
  • B7 Not Enough
  • B7 Who You Are
  • B8 Don't Turn Away

All pressings can be distinguished by the color of the vinyl.

Fat Wreck Chords Store exclusive edition was sold on December 16, 2016 and is limited to 100 copies.
Fat Wreck Chords web store exclusive edition. Limited to 200 copies. (this one)
Kings Road Merch exclusive edition. Limited to 200 copies. This edition was curated by Trever Keith.

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