Soophie Nun Squad - Passion Slays The Dragon (AKA "Pasizzle Slizzles Tha Drizzle")

12" released in 2004 on Harlan

Added on Thursday, February 2, 2017

Condition: NM

Color: Grey Marble

Price paid: $4.50

Genre: Hip Hop, Rock, Non-Music, Stage & Screen

Style: Bass Music, Punk, Art Rock, Hardcore, Comedy, Musical

  • A1: The Last Things First
  • A2: Destiny
  • A3: Juxtapose
  • A4: Sesame Sticks & Stevie Nicks
  • A5: To Be A Hero
  • A6: Exponents
  • A7: The Bovinity Of Crust
  • B1: Instrumental
  • B2: D-Hall
  • B3: In Tha Dogg House
  • B4: Inner Booty
  • B5: Lord Of The Dip
  • B6: Your Birthday Song
  • B7: The Scab Fairy
  • B8: Sleeping On Your Floor

Recorded in October, 2002 in Kansas City, MO.

LP released in Europe by Narshardaa Records, 9/03 (700 copies, with alternate back cover artwork).
LP released by Harlan Records, 1/04 (1000 copies on gray marble vinyl).
CD released by Plan-It-X Records, 5/04 (2000 copies).

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