Argue Damnation / Mrtvá Budoucnost - Destroy Government For Peace / Trust Hurts

7" released in 1998 on Recalcitrant Noise

Added on Friday, April 7, 2017

Condition: VG+

Color: Black

Price paid: $3.99

Genre: Rock

Style: Thrash, Hardcore, Punk

  • : Destroy Government For Peace
  • A1: Yes
  • A2: What Can I Do?
  • A3: I Hate Your Lie
  • A4: Die Vivisection
  • : Trust Hurts
  • B1: Dehumanization
  • B2: Prototype
  • B3: Total Control
  • B4: Mass Media
  • B5: Stations Of Cross

Bought in Providence
Mrtvá Budoucnost recorded in March 97.

Around 1000 copies pressed.

Includes a business card sized insert on card stock paper. It is a double-sided Recalcitrant Noise catalog.

The catalog number is derived from the matrix etchings. This is Recalcitrant Noise's sixth release (RN#6). The matrix etching on side B is a mistake. RN#5 is etched on there but it should have said RN#6 just like side A.

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