Richie Blackmore's Rainbow - Guitar Vanguard

12" released in 1977 on Ruthless Rhymes, Ltd.

Added on Saturday, April 29, 2017

Condition: VG

Color: Black

Price paid: $15.00

Genre: Rock

Style: Hard Rock

  • A.1 Kill The King
  • A,2 Man On The Silver Mountain
  • A.3 Still I'm Sad
  • B.1 Catch The Rainbow
  • B.2 Eulogy For Tommy Bolin
  • B.3 Mistreated
  • B.4 Do You Close Your Eyes?

Bootleg. WFMU Record Fair
The sleeve incorrectly lists Track A1 as "A Light In The Black" but it's actually "Kill The King".

Artist is listed as Richie Blackmore's Rainbow.

Recorded live apparently in Nagoya, Japan on December 7th 1976, although the sleeve says November.

There are multiple different variations of this bootleg out there, with different colored insert sleeves and with different labels. It is possible that some variations are literally unique, while there certainly are multiple copies of some other variations.

There are apparently three major different editions - or printings if you prefer - of this bootleg. The first one has rather detailed A4 sized insert sleeve. The second one has a clearly less detailed, photocopied A4 insert sleeve. And the third one has also an insert sleeve, but roughly an LP sleeve sized one as can be seen below.

It is very likely that all these different editions originally came from the same bootleg manufacturer, possibly based on somewhere in California. The bootlegger used many different labels around 1976-1978 timeframe - Ruthless Rhymes, Duck Records, Dragonfly Records and GLC were among the labels used by this same bootlegger.

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