Sniffing Glue - We Are... Sniffing Glue... Fuck You!

12" released in 2007 on Search For Fame

Added on Friday, July 7, 2017

Condition: NM

Color: Black

Price paid: $6.00

Genre: Rock

Style: Hardcore, Punk

  • A1: You Can Let Them Win
  • A2: Lesson Plan
  • A3: Without Fear
  • A4: 21st Century Nervoso
  • A5: When The Strongest Man Dies
  • A6: Pain / Dead
  • A7: Pig Fight
  • B1: Generation Shit
  • B2: Why Must I
  • B3: Invisible
  • B4: Not WIthout Us
  • B5: New Name
  • B6: The Test
  • B7: Grown Weak

Bought in Rochester
First press (yellow cover).

500 copies made.
Comes with a huge (!) 8 panel fold-out poster with Black Flag 'My War' spoof art on one side, and the lyrics on the other.
Pre-order of 70 copies came with a special glue-set.
Limited edition of 100 copies with spray-painted covers made by Search For Fame Records.

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