Rahsaan Roland Kirk & The Vibration Society - Rahsaan Rahsaan

12" released in 1970 on Atlantic

Added on Wednesday, May 30, 2018

Condition: VG+

Color: Black

Price paid: $9.95

Genre: Jazz

Style: Soul-Jazz, Modal

  • A1: The Seeker
  • A1 (I): Black Classical Rap
  • A1 (II): The Seeker
  • A1 (III): Thank You, Bird
  • A1 (IV): New Orleans
  • A2: Satin Doll
  • B1: Introduction
  • B2: Medley
  • B2 (a): Going Home
  • B2 (b): Sentimental Journey
  • B2 (c): In Monument
  • B2 (d): Lover
  • B3: Sweet Fire
  • B4: Introduction
  • B5: Baby Let Me Shake Your Tree

Bought in San Diego
Side One: ST-A-702039 PR
Side Two: ST-A-702040 PR

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