Buzzcocks - Singles Going Steady

12" released in 1979 on I.R.S.

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Condition: VG+

Color: Black

Price paid: $20.00

Genre: Rock

Style: Punk

  • A1 Orgasm Addict (1:58)
  • A2 What Do I Get? (2:50)
  • A3 I Don't Mind (2:20)
  • A4 Love You More (1:45)
  • A5 Ever Fallen In Love? (2:40)
  • A6 Promises (2:35)
  • A7 Everybody's Happy Nowadays (3:10)
  • A8 Harmony In My Head (3:05)
  • B1 What Ever Happened To? (2:08)
  • B2 Oh Shit! (1:32)
  • B3 Autonomy (3:52)
  • B4 Noise Annoys (2:49)
  • B5 Just Lust (2:57)
  • B6 Lipstick (2:35)
  • B7 Why Can't I Touch It? (6:33)
  • B8 Something's Gone Wrong Again (4:30)

1st US pressing. Full color inner sleeve with release details and images of the singles graphic sleeves

an I.R.S. Label. International Record Syndicate, Inc. ©1979 I.R.S., INC.
Manufactured And Distributed By A&M Records, Inc.

Mastered at Portland Studios, London
Guitars by Gordon Smith, Gibson, and Fender
drums by Premier
amplification by H&H, Fender, and Marshall
published by Virgin Music (Publishers) Ltd.
a Liberty/United Records (UK) Ltd. recording
Photo Of Steve Garvey (Top Right) live May 1978
© 1979 I.R.S. Records, Inc.

A1, B1: recorded at T.W. Studios, Fulham; mixed at Advision, London
A2, B2, A3, B3, A5, B5, A6, B6: recorded and mixed at Olympic Studios, Barnes
A4, B4: recorded at EMI Abbey Road Studios, London; mixed at Advision, London
A7, B7: recorded and mixed at Strawberry Studios, Stockport
A8, B8: recorded at Eden Studios, London; mixed at Marquee Studios, London

A1 b/w B1 U.K. Release 28/10/77
A2 b/w B2 U.K. Release 3/2/78
A3 b/w B3 U.K. Release 14/4/78
A4 b/w B4 U.K. Release 30/6/78
A5 b/w B5 U.K. Release 8/9/78
A6 b/w B6 U.K. Release 17/11/78
A7 b/w B7 U.K. Release 2/3/79
A8 b/w B8 U.K. Release 13/7/79

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