Black Flag - Damaged

12" released in 1981 on Unicorn

Added on Friday, May 29, 2020

Condition: VG / VG+

Color: Black

Price paid: $75.00

Genre: Rock

Style: Hardcore, Punk

  • A1 Rise Above (2:17)
  • A2 Spray Paint The Walls (0:32)
  • A3 Six Pack (2:18)
  • A4 What I See (1:47)
  • A5 T.V. Party (3:11)
  • A6 Thirsty & Miserable (2:05)
  • A7 Police Story (1:30)
  • A8 Gimmie Gimmie Gimmie (1:50)
  • B1 Depression (2:45)
  • B2 Room 13 (2:03)
  • B3 Damaged II (3:23)
  • B4 No More (2:23)
  • B5 Padded Cell (1:50)
  • B6 Life Of Pain (2:48)
  • B7 Damaged I (3:50)

First pressing is this issue (MCA logo on rear, "anti-parent" sticker on some, "UNI/4" matrices).
First version recut/reissue is here: [r=1696396] (No MCA logo, "Kendun" matrices).
Second version recut/reissue is here: [r=3953396] (no MCA logo, "Neo-Gelatinous" and S-9375/6 matrices).

MCA Records (with which Unicorn Records had a distribution deal) distribution chief Al Bergamo announced that the company would not distribute this record, deeming that "It just didn't seem to have any redeeming social value" and because, as a parent with two children, he found it an anti-parent record. "Damaged" was eventually released by Unicorn through an independent distributor. Later, after Unicorn's bankruptcy and almost years of litigation during which Black Flag was forbidden to release any record, they re-released and distributed it through Greg Ginn's own SST Records.
This record cost Black Flag $8,000 (USD) to produce. 25,000 pressed.
Lyric sheet was available by mail.

Some early copies released with a sticker stating "As A Parent..., I Found It An Anti-Parent Record..." on the back of the jacket, covering up the MCA distribution logo.

℗ 1981 Unicorn Records, Inc. (on sticker)
℗ 1981 SST Records (on side 2 label)

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