Bikini Kill - Bikini Kill

12" released in 1992 on Kill Rock Stars

Added on Sunday, August 19, 2012

Condition: VG+/NM

Color: Black

Price paid: $10.00

Genre: Rock

Style: Punk, Indie Rock

  • A1 Double Dare Ya (2:40)
  • A2 Liar (2:35)
  • A3 Carnival (1:30)
  • B1 Suck My Left One (2:24)
  • B2 Feels Blind (3:21)
  • B3 Thurston Hearts The Who (3:45)

Original Pressing
Recorded at Inner Ear Studios, Summer 1991. ("Carnival" recorded at Yo-Yo Studios, Spring 1991. "Thurston Hearts the Who" was recorded live on April 4th 1992 at the Sanctuary Theater, Washington D.C.) (except for thurston hearts the who: tobi sings and kathleen plays drums, then they switch so kathleen sings and tobi plays drums and erica screams-also molly germs does vocals too, ie reading lame article into microphone...)
Bikini Kill says Thank You -XOXO-

With Lyric insert

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