Chris Corsano - The Young Cricketer

12" released in 2008 on Family Vineyard

Added on Friday, August 31, 2012

Condition: M

Color: Black

Price paid: $15.00

Genre: Jazz

Style: Free Jazz, Free Improvisation

  • A1 What Do We Mean By Coaching?
  • A2 How Should You Pick Up The Ball And Throw It?
  • A3 What Do People Mean When They Say, "He Played Cricket"?
  • A4 What Do We Get From Cricket That We Don't Get From Other Games?
  • A5 If You Want To Succeed At Cricket, What Attitude Should You Adopt Towards The Game?
  • A6 How May Your Parents And Your Employer Help You In Your Cricket Career?
  • A7 What's The Correct Way To Stop A Ball?
  • A8 How Do You Know That You Have Taken Your Eyes Off The Ball When You Attempt To Catch It?
  • B1 Why Are Some Cricket Coaches Better Than Others?
  • B2 How Will You Learn More Successfully From Your Coach Than By Just Looking And Listening?
  • B3 What Movement Helps You When You Are Trying To Run Out A Batsmen?
  • B4 Why Should You Watch The Striker's Bat?
  • B5 How Do You Know Where To Throw The Ball?
  • B6 When Should You Throw The Ball At Top Speed?
  • B7 How Should You Throw It On Other Occasions?
  • B8 Are You Going To Keep Alive The Spirit Of Cricket?

Reissue of 2006 CD-R on the Hot Cars Warp imprint. LP is a 600 copy edition and remastered.

Recorded in Manchester England Feb 1-3, '06 (Except for side a track 2, recorded Jan. 6). Using drums, cymbals, baritone & alto saxophone mouthpeices with plastic tube and/or funnel, and/or shower attachment apparatus, pot lids, lamp base, scotch tape, violin-string-snare-drum contraption, bows, sticks, butter knives, and a superball on a stick, some distortion used on side B when mixing tracks 7 and especially 8, but other than that, no electronics either.

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